A new semester!

Hello and welcome to the University of San Francisco Community Garden Outreach class for Fall 2013!

If you didn’t know this is USF’s personal, one-and-only blog dedicated to the Community Garden class. There has been lots of new activity following the previous class so here are some updates!

  • Week of August 25th, 2013:

During this week our class was divided into five cooking groups in preparation of our very 1st community dinner/USF Farm Stand. The groups were: 1) Appetizers, 2) Salads, 3) Entree, 4) Soup 5) Dessert

This week provided the opportunity for everyone to glean around the city at different farm stands. (Gleaning, in terms of this class, is the act of collecting leftovers from Farmers’ fields and farm stands when they have finished selling their produce and will throw anything left in compost.) The gleaning* proved pretty successful and our challenge was the difficulty of storing our gleaned produce.

  • Week of September 1st, 2013:

Our class was finally able to cook our first dinner at Saint Cyprian’s on Turk & Lyon after a good week of gleaning! Each group was very busy with their recipes. The appetizer group made a lemon/mint flavored water, vegetarian wontons, and an artichoke dip. The salad group made various salad dressings, while the soup group made a spicy tomato soup. The dessert group made delicious peach cobbler with brown sugar and apple crumble, and last the entree group made a vegetarian, mushroom pasta.

first farm stand 1


Mark and Mike prepping for their dessert!

first farm stand 2


A little part of our class 🙂

first farm stand 3

Overall the community dinner at Saint Cyprian’s was a HUGE success! There were so many attendees that initially our classmates that did stay back for the dinner were overwhelmed by its size. The line at times were even backed up and 30 minutes in, all of the food had been eaten!

  • Week of September 8th, 2013:

This week was our class’ very FIRST USF Farm Stand! We were all very nervous and anxious but, somehow everyone came together and organized the farm very neatly. The weather that day was bright, and sunny and was perfect weather for our stand. Many classmates were very generous and ran straight to serving hungry visitors who stopped and asked questions about what this “farm stand” we had built was. The pick up for people at times were slow and very fast, but everyone who came by was able to donate a bit of their time, effort and $$ to our cause.


Classmate Emily Gould passing around fresh, local and organic strawberries to draw in passersby


A plate full of delicious greens, pasta, and peach cobbler! Yummy! 😀


Our very own Grace snagging a bite:)

In all our class’ first farm stand was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! None of us could have possibly imagined how many people actually passed by our farm stand! There were many difficulties this week to post fliers around campus, but it was great to see that our farm stand was already a hit without them!

  • Week of September 15th, 2013:

For this week’s class, our class took a trip to an urban farm right here in San Francisco, Eco SF*! Eco SF is a local school farm located on The School of The Arts– a high school in the Portola neighborhood very close to Twin Peaks. Eco SF has a community made and funded cob oven and even a chicken coop!


Dani Tran having the opportunity to hold a chicken 🙂

Our class was able to get a very in-depth tour of Eco SF, its history, its projects and what Eco SF does to promote a community aspect of growing and learning about growing local, healthy and organic produce.

*More information:

A special thanks to the many local and organic farms that have lent our class a hand in our attempts at gleaning!

Big shout out to: Garcia Farms, Serendipity farms, and Fifth crow farms

Also for more information on Eco SF, please visit their website :D!


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