Our second community dinner/farm stand!

  • Week of September 30th, 2013:

Similar to how our class was divided up for our first community dinner, our second time around we were all divided into different groups but with the same categories. Those categories were 1) Appetizers, 2) Salads, 3) Entree, 4) Soup. and 5) Dessert. Everyone was all very excited to re-create or even create a better community dinner experience then the last and our gleaning this week was even more successful then our previous attempts at gleaning. Our classmates were able to glean many greens, tomatoes, and apples for the salad, entree and dessert groups!

Compared to our last community dinner, this time around everyone was able to just pick up and go. Right from the beginning of when class started, everyone was lively and cheerful to prep and cook. The energy in the kitchen was great too. This week the appetizer group made flat bread, the salads group made three different types of salad: Strawberry vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, and honey vinaigrette, the entree group made a baked squash with rosemary and salt, the soup group made a delicious stock filled with many different vegetables such as onions, peppers, and leeks, and the dessert group made an apple cobbler!

Second community dinner (2)

Danica and Heather making flat bread!

Second community dinner (3)

Awesome live music brought to us by Kasie!

Second community dinner (4)

Cristina, Grace, and Gabe serving guests

For the second community dinner, not that many people were able to come by  as opposed to our first community dinner where there were endless lines of people waiting to be fed. In some sense, it was better since there were only so many helpers for this community dinner. Also, many volunteers and our classmates were able to bring home food! The goal of our class is to promote resources and a venue into

  • Week of October 7th, 2013:

Today was the big day— *drum roll* for our class’ second farm stand at Gleeson Plaza! This week we had made sure to start earlier to create more traffic towards our farm stand. Our whole class met up at noon or so and had laid out our table with our meals. One of our committee groups had even set up a make shift “table” next to our farm stand to sell tea bags made with herbs from our USF Garden and hand out free left over gleaned produce!

By 12:30p, there was already a HUGE line waiting to be served. I think everyone was surprised at how many students actually showed up. In the end, the food was gone by at least 1:00p, not even thirty minutes into our farm stand. While there was much more traffic towards our farm stand, our class’ overall goal of promoting eating and growing local and organic produce and meals were lost due to the fact that many students had just come for the advertised “free food”.

Second Farm Stand (2)

A look of content from Blake, happiness indeed 😀

Second Farm Stand (3)

The student body hungers

Second Farm Stand


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