Last Community Dinner!

  • Week of November 4th, 2013:

This week was our class’ last week cooking community dinners for St. Cyprian’s! It’s been an awesome semester with the church and hopefully, the impact left from our class was a great and positive one that will broaden relations. As a recap, for our last community dinner, the break down into groups was kept the same as any other dinner: 1)Appetizer, 2) Salad, 3)Soup, 4)Entree and 5) Dessert. This week our class worked extra hard to ensure that the last dinner would be the best dinner. Our class expected a big turn out and low and behold… the turn out was great! It was a full dinner filled with many classmates, along with their family members and friends. It was great to see the many faces of the community that we were serving.

Our last community dinner, as stated, brought out the best of the best! For this week the appetizer group made a tomato, basil bruschetta; the salad group made a mixed veggie salad with apples, and a kale medley; the soup group made a mixed vegetable miso soup; the entree group made veggie (kale and squash) enchiladas and last the dessert group made lavender bread pudding!

Here are just some of the many pictures of our community dinner!



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