Last day of class and Homestead projects!

  • Week of November 18th, 2013:

Today was the last official meeting of the semester! For the past two weeks, our class had  been preparing for our different homestead projects that we would be presenting today! It was amazing, there were many different homestead projects, and everyone’s projects were different in their own ways. Some classmates did a fermentation projects, others made homemade jams, cookies, scones, and even creating their own vanilla extract. It was a great day of class that ended the semester well. Our class was able to share our experience of our projects, and everyone had full tummies of different types of food (mostly sweets). As the day grew colder, our class enjoyed some nice hot apple cider along with apple pie and olallieberry pie! Yummy!

Here are some pictures of some of the class’ presentations:

1002637_10151995926832159_1433713235_n 1459099_10151995926197159_649522883_n 1460285_10151995927127159_868435501_n 1461079_10151995926987159_1095541394_n 1469884_10151995926892159_1616596183_n 1476516_10151995926712159_1762686339_n 1455077_10151995929487159_276299830_n 1456595_10151995930887159_916758077_n 1459741_10151995930767159_1791058271_n


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