Community Dinner March 12, 2015

On March 12th, the Community Garden Outreach class prepared a dinner for the USF community and greater San Francisco community from, for the most part, the USF Garden and from gleaning produce from the surrounding local farmer’s markets. The students were split into several groups to manage the food prep. for the dinner, and even without collaboration over what flavors would go well together the food turned out amazing and complimented each other nicely!

The Pictures above show some of the carefully thought out food prep. that the students put into the dinner in order to achieve and serve a scrumptious meal that ranged from hearty vegan pizza to rich pear raspberry tart! YUM! The community aspect of these dinners truly begins inside the kitchen where students build strong relationships over food and create a dialogue over how food brings people together. The kitchen is also where the foundation of team work and trial and error is experimented with, and for the most part has favored success over error.  This community then reaches beyond food and out to the individuals who attend and participate in the “family style” feed fest, and it is clear to see that the overwhelming majority enjoyed themselves, the food, and the people around them.


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