Last Community Dinner!

  • Week of November 4th, 2013:

This week was our class’ last week cooking community dinners for St. Cyprian’s! It’s been an awesome semester with the church and hopefully, the impact left from our class was a great and positive one that will broaden relations. As a recap, for our last community dinner, the break down into groups was kept the same as any other dinner: 1)Appetizer, 2) Salad, 3)Soup, 4)Entree and 5) Dessert. This week our class worked extra hard to ensure that the last dinner would be the best dinner. Our class expected a big turn out and low and behold… the turn out was great! It was a full dinner filled with many classmates, along with their family members and friends. It was great to see the many faces of the community that we were serving.

Our last community dinner, as stated, brought out the best of the best! For this week the appetizer group made a tomato, basil bruschetta; the salad group made a mixed veggie salad with apples, and a kale medley; the soup group made a mixed vegetable miso soup; the entree group made veggie (kale and squash) enchiladas and last the dessert group made lavender bread pudding!

Here are just some of the many pictures of our community dinner!



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Natural Dye Workshop

Spring is here! Now that we weeded all of that oxalis out of our garden, we decided we should do something fun with it! Last month, we had a little natural dye workshop at St. Cyprians.  We used fava leaves to make a nice mossy green, oxalis (sour grass) for a vibrant yellow, and onion skins for a rusty orange! Take a look and try for yourself!

1. Gather your natural colors! Try onion skins, fava leaves, oxalis, beets, purple cabbage, avocado pits, or anything else your heart desires.


2. Put your colors of choice in a pot and boil on the stove for 30 minutes or until the water begins to seep color.Image


3. Rinse you white clothing in cool water, and once the vat of natural dye looks ready dip, dunk, and let your cloths soak (at least 5 min) based your desired color intensity. (the longer, the brighter)ImageImageImage

4. Now that you’ve dyed your clothing, you must set the color. To do this just rinse your fabrics with regular dish soap and cool water! Image

5. Voilà! You’re done! Hang them up to dry and now you have beautiful spring colors to wear from your garden!ImageImage

photo credit: Sophie Peoples


Food vs. The Waste Cycle video

Check out this wonderful video Reinhard and Cayla made for the monthly community dinner at St. Cyprian’s that took place for October.


For the last and upcoming community dinner on November 13th, we will be turning it into a potluck dinner and you are encouraged to bring your own plates or even containers! More details will be announced soon.


Free Community Dinner at St. Cyprian’s

Every second thursday of the month, students from USF’s Community Garden Outreach class will host a free community dinner at St. Cyprian’s church located at Turk and Lyon, San Francisco. The dinners are made possible by generous donations of fresh produce that otherwise would go to waste from local farmers around the city.

November would be our last dinner for the year, so definitely stop by and fill up your bellies!

Here are some photos (click to enlarge):


We made tamales that night and it was delicious!

The infamous fried rice that keeps folks wanting more 😉

Our very own ratatouille

Our cooking team that night!


Now for our recent OCTOBER feast

Cayla on the grill

Photo credit: Emily Turner

Getting ’em vegetables ready!
Photo credit: Emily Turner

Here are some of our hard work on display. That night featured an array of dishes that was both healthy and delicious!

The spread
Photo credit: MacKenzie Lisenby

See that line building up?
It’s full of hungry people and missing non other than your good ol’ self!


Garden Salad and Roasted peppers with beets

Fresh as it can get, pesto.


Personally, by far the beast homemade vegetable soup I’ve ever had!

Roasted vegetables, Stuffed peppers (also one of my faves for the night), and sauteed green with almonds


Apple crisps that were gone in a snap!

A hearty meal that came from fresh sources and kind hearts.


Last but not least, we would love to make a huge shout out to all the farmers who’ve donated to us.

Please support them at your local farmers markets and check them out on Facebook or Twitter and their very own websites for more info.

Give us a shout out when you drop by for dinner next month. See ya there!

Photos and words by Rachel Khoo